WeeRide Baby Bike Seats


As more and more people are developing an interest in taking their child with them when they go on bike rides, you will find that there an increasing number of transport options for you to explore. One of the most popular options is revealing itself to be the WeeRide, the front mounted bicycle seat for young children. If you have been wondering what advantages this manner of child transport can have, and why you might be interested, you will find that there are a few key facts which can help you make the right decision.

Better child observation

When your child is being pulled behind you in a trailer or is seated behind you on a rear mounted seat, you will find that you are worrying about plenty of things because you can’t see him. Has his helmet slipped or did he tossed his shoe out a few blocks ago? What is he doing back there? With the front mounted seat, you will find that you can easily glance down and make sure that everything is okay.

More protective arrangement

Many parents are a little leery about the idea of taking their child along with them when they bike because they are worried about what might happen if the bike tips. When you have a child in a front-mounted seat, you will find that it allows you to catch and shield your child in your arms should something unfortunate happen, allowing you to protect your child much more thoroughly. Many people also find that the arrangement of the baby in front of them will add to their stability overall, rather than subtract for it.

Better view for the baby

Have you ever thought about what your child might be seeing when he or she rides with you? It is no wonder that so many children look bored or fretful on these trips; all they are looking at is your back! With the front-mounted seat, your child can see everything that you do, keeping him much more engaged and happy.

Options for more kinds of bikes.

If your bike has rear suspension is a disk-break bike, the other forms of baby bike seat just aren’t available. You’ll find that with this kind, you can easily mount a seat and start riding.

More space in the back.

When you put your baby in the front seat, you’ll find that you can easily mount some baskets in the back. This will help you integrate your bike into daily chores, such as running down to the grocery, or grabbing some essentials from the drugstore. Think about all the places that you can ride to and how much fun it will be to get to them without relying on a car!

Take some time and really consider your options when it comes to how you want to bring your child along with you for your bike rides. Choosing the WeeRide front-mounted bike can make your excursions a lot safer and more comfortable, so think about the advantages that you can take from it.