Three Tips on Keeping Your Kitchen Clean through Sensor Technology


Surprisingly, the kitchen can be one of the dirtiest rooms in the house. The counters, stove, sink, and other surfaces and appliances in the kitchen are constantly in contact with different types of food which can be extremely unsanitary or even dangerous when uncooked. However, the kitchen is also the most important area to keep clean in order to prevent the spread of food-borne illnesses and the elimination of germs and bacteria that could find their way into food. When cooking or cleaning in the kitchen, your hands will come into contact with all types of unsanitary items, including raw meat, decaying produce, moldy bread, and more. Therefore, one of the best ways to keep a kitchen clean is to avoid using your hands as much as possible through the use of sensor activated kitchen products.

1. Keep Your Trash Off Your Hands
Every time you open and close the lid of a standard trash can in a kitchen, you add more germs to the lid by transferring the bacteria from your hand onto the lid of the trash can. These germs accumulate quickly and can easily spread to other parts of the kitchen when you use your hands to accomplish everyday cooking tasks. A sensor trash can help eliminate this problem by allowing you to open and close your kitchen trash can without touching a lid or handle. Therefore, no germs and bacteria are able to collect on the can and trash can be dispensed easily and quickly with no mess. iTouchless offers an extensive line of sensor trash cans which use infrared sensor technology to allow hands-free use. Our company’s trash cans open and close quickly and include deodorizers to minimize odors within the trash can for up to three months at a time. This technology can be installed in the kitchen by the Kitchen Remodeling Contractors when one is planning the construction of the house.

2. Avoid Accumulated Bacteria
Typically, hands are fairly dirty right before they are washed. Therefore, it is important touching anything in the kitchen as your hands may have raw meat juice or other unsanitary food residue. Some people currently use their hands to pump a soap dispenser, however, that can result in the spreading of germs on the dispenser. These germs will collect on the soap dispenser and can possibly transfer to the next person who washes their hands. With a sensor soap dispenser, you will be able to control the amount of soap that is dispensed. iTouchless carries a wide variety of high-quality stainless steel sensor soap dispensers equipped with infrared sensor technology that quickly and accurately responds to movement.

3. Preserve your Clean Hands
Like soap dispensers, kitchen sink faucets are extremely dirty because people who want to wash their hands must use them to turn on the faucet while they are still contaminated with raw or rotten food. After you wash your hands and use them to turn off the faucet, you pick up the bacteria accumulated on the faucet handle. A sensor faucet allows you to rinse your hands without having to touch the faucet handle to turn it on or off, thereby preventing the accumulation of germs and bacteria. iTouchless offers infrared sensor faucet adaptors which can attach to consumers’ standard sink faucets and provide you with sanitary touch-free hand-washing at a reduced cost. Kitchens can be difficult to keep clean. However, with the help of sensor activated products, you can keep your kitchen clean more easily and preserve that cleanliness for a longer period of time.