Plus-Size Fashion for Full-Figured Women

Plus-Size Fashion for Full-Figured Women

Plus-Size Fashion for Full-Figured Women

Plus-Size Fashion for Full-Figured Women

Plus size is the fashion term used for the sizes that fit full-figured women. It is the recourse for women who were apparently not born with slender or slim body types. This way, full-figured women can also stay fashionable and look good even if they don’t share the same size with supermodels Kate Moss, Heidi Klum or Claudia Schiffer.

One fashion tip that all full-figured women must know, and probably already know, is the efficacy of seeking refuge from the color black. If there is one fashion cliché that will eternally be in style, it is wearing black for plus-size women. Black creates an optical illusion that a body is smaller than it actually is. Therefore, a woman who is a size five can look at least a size four or even three if she will wear black.

Another advice for plus size women is to avoid horizontal prints. In fashion, not everything you see is what you get. Most things can be faked, or at least manipulated by optical illusions. Patterns and prints can make a woman’s body look fatter or skinnier. In this case, horizontal lines make you fat.

To avoid body-size discrimination and to cater to a particular target market, many fashion lines are now offering clothes in plus size. Some fashion brands even specifically tailor clothes for plus size women alone. This is good news for many women who find it hard to go between the racks of clothes that simply do not fit. Imagine the stress and mental torture of trying to squeeze in your body to an impossible size. With plus size clothes, voluptuous woman can be fashionable by choice. Now, buying clothes for them is also for fashion’s sake and not just for the sake of purchasing clothes just because these are the only ones that fit.

Fashion has evolves in a way that it is giving more choices to women regardless of their size and by considering what they really want to wear at a style that will suit them. Look at Queen Latifah and Oprah Winfrey. These two women are fashionable in their own right and in their own way. It just proves that being fashionable is not affected by your body type alone, but by simply knowing your body type, accepting it just the way it is and knowing the pieces that will work harmoniously with it.

Another great inspiration is top model Whitney Thompson. She is the winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 10. Believe it or not, she is the only plus size model among the brood yet she stood out because of her confidence and her taste for what is truly fashionable. For women who are brought down by their plus size body structure, stop hiding under sheets and layers of fabric and start showing the whole world that fashion is about exuding confidence and not by being a waiflike woman alone.

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