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Why should you exercise?  Everyone keeps telling you that exercise are necessary, but do they really explain why?  Why should you exercise?  It takes a long time, you get out of breath, and you may even sweat.  Is such inconvenience actually necessary?

The answer, fortunately, is yes.  It is totally necessary.  Exercises is probably the single most important thing you can do for your health.  And for your life and longevity.  Do you want to live longer?  Do you want a better quality of life?  Then you need to exercise.

So you are probably asking yourself why.  Why exercise?  The answers are simple.  Studies show that there are real benefits.  What kind of benefits?  Reduce your risk of stroke for one.  Reduce your risk of heart attack for another.  And finally, increase the length of your telomeres. More on that in a minute.

I know what you are saying.  Why can’t I just do something easy, like go for a massage every day?  Well, if you could afford the luxury of a daily massage, you would probably still need to move.  But, I am not talking about strenuous, heart pounding exercise here.

No, I am actually talking about moderate to mild exercise.  The stroke benefits – they were attained from walking around the block a few times.  The heart attack risk was similarly helped by simple non-strenuous exercise.  Taking a stroll around the block does not even break a sweat (unless it is in the heat of summer and you are over-dressed).

The telomere benefits were also achieved by moderate exercise.  If you are asking what a telomere is and why you should care, this is why.  Telomeres are the ends of the chromosomes inside of your cells.  Every day, your cells divide thousands of times.  This division is accomplished by chromosomes lining up at the center of the cell and duplicating themselves.  Then the two duplicates divide at the center to form two new cells.

However, each and every time this happens, the telomeres get just a tiny bit shorter.  A miniscule amount, actually.   But, over your lifetime, they will get shorter and shorter.  Once they get too short to duplicate and divide, you have a problem.  A real problem.  Disease, old age, and death.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying that exercise is the only way to save your telomeres.  It is one of a few known ways.  Vitamins, supplements, and having people around you that you love and who love you are also ways to lengthen your telomeres.

But exercise is an easy way to lengthen them.  Supplements that have been shown to help are vitamin D, E, and C, among others.  So take those, too.  But make sure you exercise.  Even the government says to exercise.  They also tell us to eat right with the food guide pyramids.  And they are usually the ones funding the studies on helping people to live longer.  So maybe we should listen to them.

Exercise and get healthy. Live right, eats right, and be healthy.  Scientists are now attempting to classify aging as a disease.  Maybe it is just a telomere disease, and they will find that out soon.  So help yourself, protect yourself from disease, and exercise.

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