Essential to Permanent Love

Permanent Love

Permanent Love

How does love survive a lifetime? Would you like advice to help the love stick? There are few rules that help people make right decisions in relationships. See twin flame stages and how they help couples succeed. Why do some of the most loving couples end up apart? Emotions and love with all of the heart are not enough to last.

Two essentials to permanent love hold the core values to keep the connection. When time has passed for years and decades, this advice will remain relevant. Take each aspect seriously without neglect or give less than what you have. Within these two essentials are more in the web.

Friendship is the underlying cause of great love. Write the word “friendship” in the center of a sheet of paper and write what comes to mind when you think of friendship. Stemming out, we think loyalty, trust, respect, love, fun, comfort, and support. We love our friends for not leaving us to fall, for being truthful, treating us better than anyone else, passing no judgments, standing by through everything, and not going against the bond in deceit or pain.

Branching all of these essentials to permanent love creates a web of wonderful qualities that we also expect from a mate everyday. We expect them to never cheat, lie, or pretend and we expect them to tell us anything even when the words are hard to say or hear.

Each is important to create a special friendship with increasing love everyday. We love our friends for being there as we pursue goals, and thank them for all the encouragement to never give up on us. The feeling from having friends there, cheering or consoling, is incredible and love is even better when both are always there for each other.

Think about how much it means to you to have a support system there in tragic times. Getting through the death of a loved one with great friends providing kind words all along makes the grieving less painful and it’s comforting to know they’re there. On days of victory we can look to the stands and see the most enthusiastic fans, our friends, as happy if it were their own triumph and the same support is sought after in a lasting mate. Friendship, support, and all that come with, are essentials to permanent love.