Choosing the Right Holistic Rehab Center


If you try to search for a holistic rehab center online or through your local yellow pages book you may find out literally thousands of them. So comprehensive and practical criteria is a must-have when the time has come to choose the right facility for you or your loved one. Here are some points that will assist you in this task.

You will have hard time searching for a holistic treatment center if you have limited budget. The price can vary from $10 000 to $20 000 per month depending on the patient’s condition and duration of stay, but you might be eligible for complete or partial insurance coverage.

According to the no.1 drug addiction treatment center Virginia, the location of a rehab center is also essential for many reasons. First, as a rehabilitation process can be stressful, you should feel absolutely comfortable and at ease. You should find a place that could help you totally relax and release your tension.

It’s also useful to take into account the accessibility of the center for your family. Some centers pay a lot of attention to an addict’s family involvement during the process of healing, and it’s better to find out this before making a final decision. Places like Georgia treatment center focus much on such aspects of treatments which are essential for a holistic personality change in the individuals.

Each center has its specific timetable, so if you still doubt which one to choose it’s important to find this out in advance. The facility that you would like to check in should also correspond to your tastes and preferences; you should feel like home there. It’s strongly recommended to do a tour of the clinic and to get acquainted with the staff and atmosphere. As a result, you will feel more confident and add extra fuel to your faith in an ultimate recovery.

Addiction rehabilitation centers can be divided into two main groups according to the general approach that they use: traditional and holistic centers. The main difference lies in applying dual-diagnosis of substance abuse and mental disorder connected to it, thus working with the essential reasons of an addiction at all levels. Such alternative centers employ some non-traditional healing therapies, as well as yoga and meditation sessions

Each center has a “menu” of therapies, which can also help you make the decision. But the crucial part is application of the techniques and exercises that are offered, because, for an addict, it’s essential to regulate the cycle of agitation and relaxation during a day. So a good center applies all the techniques to reach that specific goal and thus regulate the mood of a patient.

Holistic rehab centers use 12 Step Methodology which implicates belief in high power or energy that is essential for curing process. This is a spiritual base of the treatment, but it doesn’t matter what your religion is, the main point is self-accountability and intention to cure yourself. These kind of centers have proved to be highly efficient which spurred their popularity.

At the moment of choosing the right facility you should also find out if it provides the necessary medical and nutritional support that you need. All centers start the rehabilitation with gradual detox of a patient, but many times by giving a patient other drugs. That’s why it’s very important to make sure that a center uses a healthy way of detox using specific nutritional supplements. A center may use chemicals to remove drugs from your system, but it should also provide some replacement of substances by adequate nutrition components.

You should also do your homework and research the team of specialists that manage a holistic rehab center, get some information about their credentials and methods they employ. It’s also important that such center has an individual approach to each patient: check if private addiction counselling sessions are available or you can only attend group meetings.

The last but not the least in choosing the right rehab facility is after-care therapies that can play decisive role in rehabilitation process. A qualified center will boost your rehabilitation after you check out. This may include group meetings for sharing experience with other patients, psychological support for you and your family and so on.

It’s also useful to know what guarantees you get after graduation. Understand that a complete recovery is a complicated and often unpredictable process, so it’s almost impossible to find the center that will give you a 100% guarantee. But a few will allow you to re-check if a problem re-appear to undergo a treatment again.