Airport Metal Detectors


Airport metal detectors are electronic instruments for identifying different types of metal objects. Terrorism, hijacking, and bombings have lead to the installation of airport metal detectors for security reasons. Walk over or hand held models of metal detectors are normally used in airports allows instant verification of any individual and has a high metal detecting. Airport metal detectors ensure that no weapons or smuggled goods are brought to the airport premises or into the aircraft.

Metal detectors are used for various purposes such as security maintenance, item recovery, archaeological exploration, and geological research. Different styles such as beachcomber, hand held, and mounted models are available to suit different needs. Main parts of metal detectors are control box, shaft, and search coil. Control box which has speaker, batteries, and microprocessor coordinates all activities of metal detectors.

Airport metal detectors scan people before entering the boarding area and into the aircraft. Baggage is also screened to prevent any security threats. Almost all these equipments work on the principle of pulse induction. Metal detector checks the time of the reflected pulse from the screened material. If the reflected pulse takes more time than normal then the possibility of a metal object is identified. An alarm signal is produced by the equipment if it recognizes a conductive metal or material. Some models of metal detectors even spot areas where the undesirable objects are hidden. Airport metal detectors are also capable of identifying explosive materials, drugs, and illegal imports.

Airport metal detectors are very susceptible to metals. Main drawback of this facility is that this instrument is unable to distinguish between a gun and a metal belt buckle. These equipments even show alarm signals for belt buckles, key chains, and steel toed shoes. Orthopaedic implants also set off the metal detectors. As a result, innocent passengers are suspected in some cases. These equipments are reliable and fast to spot materials which are dangerous for safe and happy flying. Airport metal detectors are essential in this modern scenario to meet the challenges of security threats.